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Elvox video door entry system - Vimar News

Intelligent and advanced, Vimar's Elvox video door entry system overcomes the limitations of traditional video door entry systems: performance increases and audio / video communications between indoor and outdoor spaces become clearer. For an always efficient and efficient communication.

The TAB 7 and TAB 7S video handsets, both available with Due Fili Plus or IP technology, feature a slim profile and an elegant and essential design in harmony with any living environment. Beautiful and versatile, the Pixel outdoor plate - also available in the Pixel Heavy version - is equipped with an electronic audio / video unit which, combined with different installation modularities, allows various compositions.

External entrance panels and video door entry handsets: the range of Elvox video door entry products covers any functional and installation requirement, offering high level performance to meet the needs of any type of structure. Moreover, thanks to the Video Door app, it is possible not only to manage the normal video door entry functions via smartphone and tablet, but also to make intercom calls with all the indoor stations in the system, activate irrigation, send and receive text messages and view video surveillance cameras wherever you are.

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