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Look at the news in April!

Here are the news and promotional initiatives of the network, which will remain in force until the end of April 2019.

Beghelli Bestsellers

Throughout the month of April special net prices are active on the following references:
  • Beghelli 1499/24 for € 20.00
  • Beghelli 1499L for € 18.00
  • Beghelli 1499E for € 18.00
  • Beghelli 8584 for € 33.00
This offer is available only for members of our newsletter and is to be considered up while stocks last. Contact us for more information. Special prices are also available for Beghelli 118RE, 218RE, 136RE, 236RE, 158RE, 258RE products.

NEW AJAX - Wireless Security!

Ajax is the most awarded wireless security system in Europe. Come and discover the proposed Kits, for your home, your office and to protect your places. Click here for more information.

FREE PEC - The first year we give it to us

Subscribers to our newsletter and our registered customers, have the opportunity to receive 1 PEC free, by purchasing a minimum of € 250 net of SCAME, RIB or FRACARRO products.
For each Fiscal Code (or VAT number) a single free PEC will be activated, therefore this promotion applies only to the first order of minimum amount of the suppliers listed above.
You can choose the name of your mailbox (if still free) that will be created under the domain @ SECPEC.it.
If you wish to take part in this initiative, communicate the SECPECAP09 code after your order.

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